I have made the decision to move back to Blogger. There are a number of reasons, which will share in the coming weeks.
So you will find me here from now on............ .http://lindavincent.blogspot.co.uk/
I have just updated my shop with 33 mixed-media hearts............. most of which have a Christmassy theme.
They cost £2.50 each but if you buy two I will put a surprise extra one in free.
P&P for the UK is included. Overseas buyers please email me for postage (see links page).

Those of you who know me are probably aware that this isn't my favourite time of year, but I'm trying to appreciate all the gorgeous colours outside and use my camera whenever I can. Our garden walls are covered with Virginia creeper which never fails to amaze me with all the different colours it produces in Autumn. This is one of my Instagram photos.

Back with more news later in the week......

Yes, its definitely about time I got back into blogging. I've been enjoying the summer (and my garden) way too much :-) I've also been on holiday to Greece, spent time with special friends from America (hi Patty and Jim!), had a birthday (with a number I'm trying to forget), improved my photography skills with an Alisa Burke workshop and submitted a tutorial to Maggie Grey's 'Workshop on the Web' (more of that in a moment). 
I also attended a workshop at The Beetroot Tree with Alysn Midgelow-Marsden where we used images from a recent special memory (I chose my holiday in Greece). We used a variety of different materials and printed our own photos onto fabric. Alysn is an inspirational artist.....I recommend a visit to her website.
Here's my finished piece....
I love the overall shape of it.......and all the different textures created by layering sheer fabrics, stitching and burning them. The colours of the pomegranates (growing everywhere) and the beautiful sea and sky inspired my colour scheme.

As I've already mentioned, I will have an article in the September issue of
Workshop on the Web where I explain how I create my mixed media collages. This is a great website; for a small annual fee you receive quarterly editions with tutorials, techniques and ideas for using fabrics, threads, and a huge variety of other materials. There are some free taster tutorials if you want to go and have a look......

Here are some close ups of my work from the September edition.....
(all my images can be enlarged by clicking)
We had a wonderful holiday in Greece (Halkidiki). We normally visit the islands so this was a first for us. We stayed in Afitos at the Hotel Rigas.
Here are a few of my favourite memories.......
I am in the process of mounting and framing all my mixed media collages so they can go in the shop. Hopefully next week if I can stay on task! 
Till then...here's a picture of my Gorgeous Girl keeping her eye on me

My beautiful alliums have been inspiring me this month......I've never considered this colour in my artwork before, but I decided to give it a go.
I used an image fromPaper Whimsy (a digital download) and incorporated paper, fabric and stitching into the collage. 
I'm already working on more, but this time using my own images.
And if that wasn't enough magenta...here's a mosaic I created from Flickr images (some are my own).
I would like to thank the following people who are the owners of these photos......you can visit their Flickr pages by clicking on the links (1. is my centre mosaic of four, 2. is top left etc...)
We're having another glorious day here so I'm off to make the most of my garden whilst it lasts :-)
Maybe I'll sit here and read a book.....
I'm back.....sorry for the absence, but I do have a reason. 
In my last post I said I would tell you about my 'St Ives disaster' that happened a couple of months ago. 
Well...at the end of February I booked a week in a gorgeous 4-storey restored fisherman' cottage on The Digey .....just to the left of this cafe, near to the harbour beach.
When we arrived at 8.00 am (having driven through the night) the sun was shining and I felt so happy. My daughter and her friend were already there and we spent a lovely morning with them exploring the cottage and strolling around the town. I had so much planned......
(All photos can be enlarged by clicking...just give them a few seconds to load)
The car journey to St Ives took 6 hours in total. Fine if you're going to stay for a week. Except the next morning we unfortunately had to leave and do the 6 hr journey back again :-(
That first evening I became really ill......which is scary when you're far from home. My husband was very understanding and we decided that we should return home and get an emergency doctors appointment.
I was devastated..... I couldn't believe I had to leave this beautiful place and my daughter (plus my son was arriving the next day and I was really looking forward to spending time with them all).
Those of you who know me are probably aware that I've had ongoing problems with my stomach for over 6 months. (I guess I was being overly optimistic in deciding to go away on holiday.) So my dream week in St Ives, one of my favourite places in the world, lasted only one day. 
Since then I have had various tests done and in the past few weeks have taken the giant step of paying to see a private consultant. Last Friday I had a gastroscopy and am still awaiting results from biopsies taken from my duodenum. So now you know why I've been a poor blogger and blog-commenter. I do both from the main PC up in my art room....and I haven't been visiting there much recently. But I do use Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest on my iPad from the comfort of the settee downstairs ;-) so I haven't been completely out of touch.

One of the reasons I have become so enchanted by St Ives is because of Carolyn Saxby. I love her blogs, her mixed media artwork and her beautiful photographs of the area.
I'm sure many of you are familiar with Carolyn's work......but if you aren't, then I recommend a visit. She also has an etsy shop here ......where I recently bought these lovely cards:. She also sells her fabulous hearts there...but they don't stay for long.
One of Carolyn's pieces of work can be seen bottom left on the mosaic below. This is my new favourite colour scheme ......... we have just decorated our bedroom using duck-egg blues and greens. So calm and relaxing! 

I would like to thank the following people who are the owners of these photos......you can visit their Flickr pages by clicking on the links (1. is centre, 2. top left etc...)
My bedroom
And finally............
........some fabric and paper collages inspired by those same colours. (You may spot Maggi's gorgeous threads on the first photo. She hand-dyes them and then twists them......so clever! )

Exciting news to come in my next post, which will be very soon (I promise!)
Now to start blog-visiting...........looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to.
We didn't choose her name as she's a rescue cat....but we are so happy this little girl is called Angel. She's incredibly dainty and sweet and after only a couple of weeks she has settled into our home like she's always been here. She loves my art room and sits watching me, quite happily. She sleeps between me and my husband most nights......or in the wardrobe; her other favourite place. (Its ok....we have sliding doors and leave a gap open for her; we don't shut her in! ;-)
She purrs a lot........and she trills like a little bird (especially when she sees food) ;-) I still miss Peachy, of course, but this little one is filling the void.

When Peachy died, I vowed that NEVER, EVER would I risk putting myself through that heartache again. But I really missed having a cat around the house.....something to love and care for....... so when a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to a rescue centre, I couldn't resist having a look. And now Angel is all mine.
Have you spotted the heart on her back! :-) (She also has a cute brown smudge under her chin and black lips!!!!)

OK, now for some artwork as promised.....
I've been playing with my stash of scraps, looking for bits that go together....
 .......and ended up with this fabric and paper stitched collage....
I think I like the details better than the finished thing.........

Just after Christmas I made this shabby heart  - you may have seen something similar on Pinterest. I bought the pattern online here.....theoldglorycompany.com  Its made from calico, painted with acrylics and is 11" long.
I've recently been making some shabby collages; these aren't finished yet.... (Any excuse to rip up paper.)
I've also got a bit of a story to tell about St Ives, but I'll save that for next time.....
For now.....here's one of my photos (altered using DistressedFx app on my iPad)

Back soon!
I'm sorry I've been absent for so long......my health hasn't been good and I lost the desire to blog and read blogs. 
Facebook is all too easy at times like that and it made me lazy!
Then, as some of you already know, my precious Peachy was killed on the road two weeks ago. I never imagined I could get over losing him (and probably never will). I thought I'd never stop crying.....but I almost have (although I think this post will start me off again). He was the funniest, craziest, most beautiful and loving cat I have ever known.....and someone took all that away from me by driving too fast along the quiet road near our house. A kind neighbour of ours saw it happen and came to tell us......the words you never want to hear if you're a cat owner. 
I miss having him around more than I can say and so have made the decision to take on a rescue cat very soon. But more of that in my next post :-)
This is all about Peachy........
These are the last couple of photos I took of him; the first one makes me cry, remembering how he used to stare into my eyes when I talked to him.
The second one makes me laugh....... he used to squash onto my knee when I was on the computer and as he got bigger he had to brace himself with his legs so as not to fall off....... :-)
He loved being in my art room with me.......
He made me laugh........
He loved sleeping in boxes......
He was my boy...........
........and I will never forget him.

As for the artwork......I promise there will be some in my next post, along with news of an Angel ;-)
Back soon....... after a trip to St Ives.
I've long been an admirer of Rini and Carolyn's Flickr mosaics and so have finally got round to having a go myself (thank you Rini for your help). For my first attempt I decided to pay homage to one of my favourite colour combinations........
(All images are from Flickr.......click on a link to be taken to the original. Number 1. is centre.)
In summer my garden is dominated by purple, blue, pink.......and green :-)
.......although the occasional flash of ginger and white can sometimes be seen.
Over the past week or so I've been working with these colours.....
........a tiny fabric weaving
....... and a small felted piece done on the embellishing machine. I'm in the middle of stitching on this one.
Other news.....
A recent visit to Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire inspired me to do some digital artwork (I use Photoshop Elements 8).
We found a group of three very large toadstools near the lower end of Beacon Hill .......dangerous beauties!!!
(Digital layers from Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals)
Plus a mighty Charnwood Oak.
And The Outwoods  (lovely in Springtime when awash with bluebells).

(As always, you can click on any image to enlarge it.)

I want to thank everyone who has supported my shop - I'm really grateful!  
I'm working on some new ideas, so please bear with me. 
I'll be listing new items after Christmas.
Three new mixed media collages to go in my shop. 
They each measure 9 cm x 6.5 cm and are mounted on 0.5 cm thick EcoArtBoard. 
The flower images are from Paper Whimsy (you may have noticed I rather like these ;-) and the leaf is one of my own photos which I altered in Photoshop. 
I used fabric, paper, scrim, sari silk, Angelina fibres, tiny brass sequins, machine stitching and hand stitching.
For those of you who are interested...I buy the board from sirstampalot.co.uk - its available in different sizes.
Did any of you see those lovely paper flowers on Pinterest? Here's the link if you want to have a go:   
My attempt...
I glued them onto some twisty twigs from a willow tree. 
I'm thinking of doing more with ink-washed text (or tea stained?) and maybe add some glitter. Could be good for Christmas...... ;-)
Someone asked to see a few images from the Beaney/Littlejohn books I bought last week........ so here they are. (Not enlargeable for obvious reasons.)
Both books are very inspiring....in fact I'm going to get my embellishing machine out later and have a go :-) Sketchbook work first though....its time I did things the right way round.
Here's their website http://www.doubletrouble-ent.com/
Maggi (http://www.maggi21handdyes.com) says their new DVD is excellent too.

Finally........a Peachy pic before I go.
Here's the king of the strange sleeping positions showing off his dirty tummy after a recent escapade. And this was after we'd bathed him. Goodness knows where he'd been........ (He refused to tell us)
Its been a busy week but I've managed to add a few more items to my shop; some soldered charms, mixed-media collages and another bracelet.   
I'm also working on some Christmas projects (dare I say it?) 
Well this is another idea I got from Pinterest ;-). I've bought lots of green bottle brush trees which I am bleaching and altering in different ways. Some are going to be cut into singles and others I'll keep in groups...
Maybe I'll put some in the shop. But not just yet ;-) They definitely need to be displayed more attractively - maybe a vignette with little houses, vintage baubles...... and snow? (I know someone who would be very good at that kind of thing).  
Maggi and I had a great day at the Knitting and Stitching Show on Sunday. The highlight for me was chatting with Jean Littlejohn, who patiently explained her latest techniques to us for about half an hour. I was totally inspired!  I then bought two books which she and Jan Beaney signed for me. There's a good photo of them on Emma's blog (plus lots of other images from the show).
This piece of art made a huge impression on me. The artist's name is Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė and  she stitches on metal - cars, garden tools, kitchen utensils, metal plates, lampshades .....and other surprising things! 

Wonder if DH will mind if I do our Polo?
I was also fascinated by a fabulous display entitled 'Jabberwocky'. Sue Walton has such a wonderful imagination.... I loved her 3D fantasy pieces. Click on her name to see more.
Got to go now, I'm having my new crown fitted in half an hour ;-)