Three new mixed media collages to go in my shop. 
They each measure 9 cm x 6.5 cm and are mounted on 0.5 cm thick EcoArtBoard. 
The flower images are from Paper Whimsy (you may have noticed I rather like these ;-) and the leaf is one of my own photos which I altered in Photoshop. 
I used fabric, paper, scrim, sari silk, Angelina fibres, tiny brass sequins, machine stitching and hand stitching.
For those of you who are interested...I buy the board from - its available in different sizes.
Did any of you see those lovely paper flowers on Pinterest? Here's the link if you want to have a go:
My attempt...
I glued them onto some twisty twigs from a willow tree. 
I'm thinking of doing more with ink-washed text (or tea stained?) and maybe add some glitter. Could be good for Christmas...... ;-)
Someone asked to see a few images from the Beaney/Littlejohn books I bought last week........ so here they are. (Not enlargeable for obvious reasons.)
Both books are very fact I'm going to get my embellishing machine out later and have a go :-) Sketchbook work first though....its time I did things the right way round.
Here's their website
Maggi ( says their new DVD is excellent too.

Finally........a Peachy pic before I go.
Here's the king of the strange sleeping positions showing off his dirty tummy after a recent escapade. And this was after we'd bathed him. Goodness knows where he'd been........ (He refused to tell us)


22/10/2012 12:53

I so love your flower collages. I look at the one you sent me all the time, so much good texture and lovliness. xox

Heather Martin
22/10/2012 20:08

The new collages are beautiful - I love the way you assemble and decorate all the components. EcoArtBoard sounds very useful and thanks for the link for the paper flowers. Your roses look fabulous among the poppy seedheads.
Peachy looks so relaxed if not exactly comfortable.

22/10/2012 20:09

Hi Linda! I did it! To subscribe in Google reader you have to use the URL on the blog page, not the Home page. Love your collages and the Peachy photo!

22/10/2012 20:16

The flower collages are beautiful. And I like the paper flowers, they are very versatile. Our cat used to come back like that when he'd been down the dyke.

22/10/2012 21:59

I LOVE your collages ..... the boards look like something I've worked with too. It's a masonite board with a primed finish on it - I love it.

It's fun to see your Pinterest inspiration ... I think it turned out lovely :)

23/10/2012 04:34

Oh your collages are each so lovely...the colors and textures are magnificent! You are so generous to share with us too dear Linda

Peachy is too cute...but you already know that!

I think anything made out of book pages is a winner...your willow branch flowers sprays are so delicate and pretty!

p.s. trying to figure out how to get my reply info to doesn't seem to be there when I return to visit...

23/10/2012 11:51

Gorgeous Linda and I love the flowers you have made form the Pinterest idea. Dear sweet boy - perhaps he just likes being bathed.

23/10/2012 14:25

I love the leaf piece and I pinned it... so bella! xo

23/10/2012 14:35

Beautiful collages, Linda. I find Pinterest very, very addictive. ;-)

23/10/2012 23:30

Love the collages with their gorgeous sparkle

25/10/2012 13:52

lovely collage! I was so busy reading up & enjoying your posts I forgot to say thanks for the link to my Knitting & Stitching show post on yours. Love those book paper flowers. I daren't go to pinterest...but I proberly will ;) Lovely Peachy, he lets you bathe him?!

25/10/2012 17:52

Linda these new collages are absolutely stunning! Love the sparkle in them.
Peachy wants to show off his dyed hair that's what it is.

28/10/2012 19:52

I just LOVE the things you make - they're so wondrous and beautiful, kind of timeless and old fashioned. In fact they're SO good that if you weren't my friend I'd probably hate you ..... :)

02/11/2012 23:16

I found you! Beautiful work love your collagework;o)

12/11/2012 20:21

Hi there. i found you through Shashi's blog. What lovely things you have made!

20/11/2012 13:10

I love the new look of your website - it's fab and the work you've been doing is a delight. So bright and vibrant and intricate. Wonderful!

29/11/2012 11:34

Ooh! Paper flowers - I'm going to have to make some of them. I think I need to sign up to pinterest as well...and I didn't buy the latest Jan/Jean book - maybe I should, looks good!

23/02/2013 11:06

Que vos collages sont beaux, je les adore !


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